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A well-rounded estate plan consists of more than just a Last Will and Rockville Advance Directives LawyerTestament or revocable trust. In fact, a thoroughly well-drafted plan addresses a wide range of issues affecting individuals as they advance in age and face the need to appoint an agent for various life decisions. If you are considering executing a power of attorney or “living will,” a Rockville powers of attorney lawyer can meet with you and your spouse to discuss the benefits of both documents and help you make the best decisions for your family.

What Exactly is an Advance Directive?

Under Maryland law, an individual (known as a “principal”) can elect or appoint another individual to serve as his agent to make difficult healthcare decisions. As your Rockville powers of attorney lawyer will explain more thoroughly, the advance directive comes into play when you have been diagnosed with an end-of-life condition or are in a vegetative state – in other words, you cannot advocate for yourself. In your advance directive, you can state whether you would like to be kept alive on life support (and for how long), whether you prefer to be made comfortable or whether you would like no medical intervention whatsoever. In addition, your advance directive may contain information concerning your desire to make anatomical gifts if you choose.

What is the Difference Between an Advance Directive and a Power of Attorney?

The difference between these documents lies in their scope and the range of situations each addresses. As explained above, an advance directive creates a principal-agent relationship for purposes of making end-of-life medical decisions. A power of attorney also creates a principal-agent relationship but generally deals with financial and legal issues. For example, you may name your spouse or child as your power of attorney in order to allow that person to make financial transactions for you or conduct certain aspects of your business. A durable power of attorney is drafted to withstand the onset of incapacity and eliminates the need for your family to initiate costly guardianship proceedings in the event you become stricken with dementia or a similar ailment in the future.

Contact a Rockville Advance Directives Lawyer Today!

If you are ready to get started on your advance directive and power of attorney documents, contact a Rockville powers of attorney lawyer at H&H Law Works, LLC today by calling (240) 403-2693.

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