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“John was more than great to work with. My mother passed away without a will and John was invaluable in counseling my family through the probate process. John saved my mother’s home from both a tax sale and a foreclosure. He also helped her estate to avoid a significant amount of other debt. John brought a tremendous amount of practical knowledge to the table – beyond the area of law that we hired him for – and it really helped us to get a great result. We are so glad that we found H&H LawWorks. I would recommend them very highly!” -B.B.

“I simply cannot hope to adequately express how much I appreciated Ms. Hotz. Having worked with other attorneys over the years, what stood out most was how incredibly pleasant and caring she was. Other attorneys often seem to feel the need to be imperious and curt to show they are above you, which is demeaning, but Ms. Hotz was consistently a delight to deal with. But being nice wouldn’t be worth much if it wasn’t matched with equal or greater amounts of legal competence, and Ms. Hotz impressed me again and again with how thorough and knowledgeable she was. And lastly, communication is vital in a relationship with one’s attorney and in this area Ms. Hotz amazed me with how responsive she was, always keeping me apprised of every aspect of our case (and, thankfully, also showing true compassion at moments when the challenges we were facing started to overwhelm me). And most important of all, because of her efforts, we prevailed and I finally regained custody of my children! Highly, highly recommended attorney!” -D.B.

“Working with Heidi was a pleasure. Heidi was dedicated, detail oriented and committed to achieving my end result. Heidi handled our family issues with sensitivity and ensured I was happy with the outcome of our legal proceedings.” -H.L.

“Thank you for everything. Thank you for being kind, understanding and patient. Thank you for answering every phone call and every email. I will be forever grateful for all of your hard work in my divorce and custody case.”  -A.S.

“I am overjoyed. I have waited for this day for so long, to close this chapter of my life once and for all, and I couldn’t have done it with a better woman than you by my side, advising and representing me all along. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  -N.A.

“Heidi helped me defend against a frivolous lawsuit that was filed against me. We never even had to go to court – her Motion to Dismiss was granted by the judge. I really appreciate the care and sensitivity with which she handled my issue.”  -J.K.

“When I was seeking professional help from a lawyer, I found Mrs. Hotz. I am so happy I found her! She has been so easy to work with. I tell her all of my custody concerns, and she helped me find a way to legalize them! I have recommended her to many friends who have been equally as happy.”  -H.S.

“I met Heidi at a legal clinic. She is a wonderful lady who is smart and who truly listens. She had a way of making me feel comfortable with my family law case. I would definitely recommend her services!” -J.L.

“Thank you for standing by me and helping me accomplish my goal. It wasn’t easy and you stood by me the whole way. You are an amazing lawyer!”  -G.B.

“Heidi helped me win my case against my landlord with utter ease. The judge even commented on our high level of preparedness.”  -K.G.

“Heidi took on my case and was extremely professional. My case was a child custody settlement. As many can imagine, family court is extremely emotional. Heidi made me feel comfortable and at ease. She is a small woman but packed with robust super power intelligence. She is one of the best attorneys I have ever met. I recommend her without reservation. She helped me settle with more than I had demanded.”  -A.C.

“It’s hard for me to believe that I finally have this Motion in front of me. I have struggled for years for someone to hear me and help me. I have no words to thank you and I’m very grateful.”  -A. M. F.

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"Thank you for everything. Thank you for being kind, understanding and patient. Thank you for answering every phone call and every email. I will be forever grateful for all of…

-A.S., Client

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