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Veterans Benefits Explained by a Rockville Veterans Benefits AttorneyRockville Veterans Benefits Attorney

The federal government offers many different types of benefits to veterans. If you believe that you are entitled to benefits or have questions about what types of benefits you may receive, you will want to talk to a Rockville veterans benefits attorney. There are different processes to follow to receive different benefits, and an attorney can walk you through the steps to collect the benefits you are owed.

Eligibility for Veterans Benefits

A Rockville veterans benefits lawyer can explain to you that eligibility for most benefits depend upon your discharge from military service other than a dishonorable discharge. Generally, you will be required to have served active military duty and you may be required to have performed wartime service to determine eligibility for certain benefits.

To receive benefits, veterans will typically need to provide a copy of their discharge papers along with other documents supporting the claim. Your attorney can explain to you all the requirements you will need to follow.

Common Types of Veterans Benefits

Some common types of veterans benefits that a Rockville veterans benefits lawyer can assist you with include:

  • Healthcare Benefits. Veterans may be entitled to healthcare benefits if they serve a minimum of time in active service.
  • Disability Compensation. If you were injured in active military service, you may be entitled to disability compensation. To collect benefits, you may have to prove a connection between your condition and military service.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment. This is another benefit for service members who suffer a disability during active duty. Vocational rehabilitation allows a service member to receive training so that they can get a job and maintain employment. There are several vocational tracks that a service member may choose from.
  • Veterans Pension. Some veterans who meet certain income and net worth restrictions may be entitled to the veterans pension. It can be difficult to qualify for pension and you will want to discuss your case with an attorney to learn your rights.

Contact a Rockville Veterans Benefits Attorney

If you have any questions about veterans benefits, contact an attorney at H&H LawWorks, LLC by calling (240) 403-2693.

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